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Hybrid war: The real reason fighting stopped in Ukraine

Hybrid war: The real reason fighting stopped in Ukraine – for now http://t.co/dNfYBJ5atr vía @Reuters — Eurasian Hub (@eurasianhub) February 27, 2015

5 Questions to Ask Before Bombing Syria

Mongolia, 1939: an abandoned  Type 95 Japanese tank is examined by its Soviet captors, during the Nomonhan incident. The article of  Robert Farley is an insightful exercise of how to use the story to clarify the present 5 Questions to Ask Before Bombing Syria By Robert Farley, The Diplomat, August 28, 2013 In short order, […]

Flash Point in the Eastern Mediterranean

The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61) transits the Suez Canal.- Navy Live Flash Point in the Eastern Mediterranean Will conflict in the Middle East trigger the next great power war? James Stavridis, Foreign Policy, July 19, 2013 This is not a new crisis. The Greek poet Constantine Cavafy lived and wrote in Egypt a […]

TAP Wins on Nabucco: A Total Defeat for the EU

TAP Wins on Nabucco: A Total Defeat for the EU Matteo Cazzulani, EastBook, 5.07.2013 The choice of Trans Adriatic Pipeline as the unique pipeline to pump Azerbaijani gas to Europe is economically convenient to reach Northern European energy markets. However, the exclusion of Nabucco is a total defeat of the EU projects to diversify gas […]

The 99: Islamic superheroes going global

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa created The 99 as a way to highlight univeral values and re-define Islamic culture.The powers of the 99 are based on the Qu’ran’s 99 Virtues of Allah, which include strength, courage and wisdom. The 99: Islamic superheroes going global (CNN) — Editor’s note: Watch CNN’s TV theme week Comic Book Heroes from June 10-17 […]

Europe’ s Blinkered Russian Policy

Europe’ s Blinkered Russian Policy by: Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe,  June 3, 2013 How blind the EU can be. Despite worrying changes in Russia and Eastern Europe over the last six months, the EU’s policy toward both regions remains the same. If the EU took its foreign relations seriously, the two developments should jolt it into adopting a very […]

Bulgaria’s system mirrors its neighbours

A Bulgarian family works in an agricultural field on the outskirts of Sofia on 13 May, 2013. | AFP PHOTO / Dimitar Dilkoff Bulgaria’s system mirrors its neighbours By Peter Taberner | NewEurope, May 26, 2013 Pensions may not currently be a hot topic of conversation in Bulgaria as the current political impasse continues, where a government […]

The Three-Speed World is Not Forever

Read here The World Economic Outlook – April 2013 (IMF) The Three-Speed World is Not Forever Uri Dadush, L´Espresso, May 3, 2013 [Republished by Carnegie Endowment] Now it’s official. According to the International Monetary Fund in coming years we will live in a three speed world: emerging markets surging, the United States recovering, and Europe […]

Asia: Stronger Growth Ahead in 2013

Asia: Stronger Growth Ahead in 2013 By Anthony Fensom, Pacific Money / The Diplomat, April 30, 2013 Asia is gearing up for stronger growth in 2013, with the latest forecasts from international financial institutions and even noodle sales adding to the upbeat trend. According to the International Monetary Fund, the region will lead the global “three-speed […]

Paper Tiger

Chinese Air Force J-10 fighter jets take off during training in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Read more: «China’s Military Spending to Double by 2015 – Report» Paper Tiger Why isn’t the rest of Asia afraid of China? By David Kang, FP, April 25, 2013 Are tensions high in Asia? It certainly appears so. Over […]

From the Ruins of Empire

Book review: «From the Ruins of Empire. The intellectuals who remade Asia» by Pankaj Mishra By Oliver Stuenkel – Post Western World Japan’s military victory over Russia in 1905, the first time a non-Western army had beaten a traditional Western power, sent shock waves through the world and energized leading thinkers across Asia. Tagore, Sun […]

Artemy Kalinovsky’s new research on Tajikistan during the Cold War

Tajik Opera – Dushambe “Developed Socialism” in the Periphery: Artemy Kalinovsky’s new research on Tajikistan during the Cold War period The CESS Blog Artemy M. Kalinovsky, Assistant Professor of East European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and author of A Long Goodbye: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan, was kind enough to chat with me regarding his […]

Finland updates its Arctic strategy

Photo: Flickr / vindoe40 – Finnish icebreaker SAMPO in Arctic Finland updates its Arctic strategy Energy-EnviroFinland, 20 November 2012 With temperatures rising at twice the rate of the rest of the world, the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is melting faster than projected making it possible to utilize the region’s rich natural resources and opening […]

Did Putin Sink Cyprus?

Did Putin Sink Cyprus? By BEN JUDAH, Istanbul, The Opinion Pages – NYT, April 2, 2013 THE blue-glass skyscrapers of Moscow City — fragments of Russia’s boom-time dream — are visible from the Kremlin walls, within which there was once hope that those towers could supplant the West’s financial centers. When the sun sets behind them, […]

Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions

London: A Golden Dawn supporter, his t-shirt design incorporating the party’s logo Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions Buoyed by its meteoric domestic success, the far right party is planning to expand ‘wherever there are Greeks’ Helena Smith in Athens, The Guardian, Monday 1 April 2013 Emboldened by its meteoric rise in Greece, the far-right Golden Dawn […]